Konrad started Round Rock Honey on July 4, 2003 from his backyard garden. Today, Round Rock Honey is a leading supplier of heirloom-quality honey in Central Texas, and the nation's largest and most celebrated beekeeping school, with over 880,000 participants since first opening. Konrad holds a BA in International Studies and French from Southwestern University and an MA from Indiana University in West European Studies. Prior to beginning...

Elizabeth Bouffard


Elizabeth is the Queen of the Hive at Round Rock Honey. She has worked hard since 2003 to make sure the company maintains a strong and consistently positive place in the local community. The Round Rock Honey Gift Shop sells many of the products Elizabeth believes in most, including beeswax- and honey-based cosmetics.

William Branstetter

Owner - Round Rock Honey Dallas

Will heads up Round Rock Honey Dallas,

J Tharladson

General Manager

  • If I were a honeybee, I would…fly off to the islands.
  • I eat honey…yep.
  • I like it best when customers…say they like our honey.
  • Round Rock Honey…is liquid gold.
Joanna Sollinger

Beekeeping Instructor - Round Rock, TX

  • If I were a honeybee, I would…try to raise more awareness of the plight of all my sisters and brothers all over the world. Honeybees need help so humans and animals can keep enjoying the variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and honey they are so accustomed to eating. Without the bees, the food supply cannot endure.
  • I eat honey…Occasionally. I like to use it instead of granulated sugar in recipes.
  • If I were a flower,...
Christy Baughman

Beekeeping Instructor - Dallas, TX

  • If I were a honeybee, I would… tell the world to stop mowing all the flowers
  • I eat honey… everyday
  • If I were a flower, I would… bloom all year
  • I like it best when customers… are friendly and honest
  • Round Rock Honey… sweet!
Tom Breuggan

Beekeeping Instructor - Houston, TX

  • If I were a honeybee I would have to be a worker. After all, the drones are danged either way, and I'm not one to lay around until I get thrown out of the house into the cold.
  • I eat honey daily when I remember. I keep a jar on my desk at work for others to enjoy as well.
  • If I were a flower, I suppose I'd be something simple like a clover. Nothing fancy, nothing too crazy. Just a plain old common flower.
  • I like it...
Richard Baxter

Beekeeping Instructor - Redwood City, CA

  • If I were a honeybee, I would…
  • I eat honey…
  • If I were a flower, I would…
  • I like it best when customers…
  • Round Rock Honey….
Mark Carlson

Beekeeping Instructor - San Francisco, CA

  • If I were a honeybee, I would like to try foraging and waggle dancing - I'd also want to learn how to dance on a swarm. I think it would be scary to hear new queens piping or see a varroa mite. I would also try to be patient with the beekeeper but ready to fight if I smelled wasp pheromone.
  • I eat honey fresh.
  • If I were a flower, I would be a pineapple, a passiflora or a protea.
  • I like it best when customers ask...
Hector Gonzalez

Worker Bee - Sugar Land, TX

  • If I were a honeybee, I would rather live in the woods verses a house in the city.
  • I eat honey everyday-on granola bars for a little afternoon energy.
  • If I were a flower, I would live under the shade of a tree
  • I like it best when customers at the market say our honey is better than the competition.
  • Round Rock Honey is the best honey around.
Hun E. Bee

Worker of the Month, every month

I work all the time, and like spending time with my sisters foraging for nectar. That's about it.

Round Rock Honey Mascot

Round Rock Honey Mascot

I'm a purebred Golden Retriever and I LOVE to eat honey!

POLN8R Round Rock Honey

Delivery Vehicle and Bee Yard Camper

I'm a 1977 VW Westphalia camper, and a real buzz creator!

Buzz Prius

Delivery Vehicle

I'm get 54 mpg on average bringing honey to your door!