• Expiration Date - Even though your voucher has an expiration date, we will continue to honor all vouchers even after they expire.
  • Try entering the code with and without the hyphen (if there's one included). Groupon codes are 8-digit numeric code listed directly below the bar code.
  • If your voucher code is not recognized at all, please email your purchased voucher code to bkschool@roundrockhoney.com and we'll ensure that you're taken care of right away.
  • At this time, only we can reschedule your class. If you need to change your date, time or location, please check out our calendar and send us (via bkschool@roundrockhoney.com) the new date and time that works with your schedule. Typically your class will be rescheduled that same day and you'll receive a confirmation e-mail reflecting the new class information.
  • New classes are usually added in two-month increments. If you do not see a class that works with your schedule, check back with us in a couple of weeks and we may have a new class that will work.
  • Houston, Round Rock, San Francisco and Redwood City classes are year-round. Dallas classes are not available during summer months. Madison classes are not available during winter months.