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Jackie Dana


Here's an overview of a class that took place August 27, 2011 written by Jackie Dana, a blogger at SurvivingTheModernWorld.com:

"Round Rock Honey offers introductory beekeeping classes that allow you to learn the basics of raising the buzzy insects and producing your own honey. This past week I got the chance to visit their operation and play with the bees. As a hopeful future homesteader, knowing how to raise bees for pollination and to have honey (for its own sake, as well as for making mead) is a great addition to the toolbox.

To start off the day, we visited a few of Round Rock Honey’s beehives on land near their offices/bottling facility (they actually have thousands of hives all over the state, but these hives are kept nearby for educational purposes). At the hives, Round Rock Honey owner Konrad and his assistant Joanna demonstrated basic beekeeping skills. First we had to suit up. Each of us were given a white canvas bee suit with an attached hood that zipped around the neck, and a pair of long gloves. These suits zipped up over our regular clothing and would...


Sarah S

Austin, TX

"You know, I'm really not a fan of honey. Whenever I get a sore throat from a cold, I hear my mothers voice in my head saying 'Your throat would feel better if you put honey in your tea instead of sugar'. And then, I'll gag and choke it down, in the hopes of a soothed throat.

But this week, my sister has been suffering terribly from allergies. And I saw her chiseling away at something in the kitchen the other night. Turns out she was attempting to get the crystallized honey out of an old honey jar she found in the cabinet, desperate for relief. Now this honey was ancient! I bought it at least 4 years ago from a grocery store in Connecticut. It was definitely time for something fresh and local! Now what surprised me most about Round Rock Honey was that they deliver it to you if you are local enough. And I mean deliver it by hand, not by mail! Kinda cool! The flavor is pretty good for honey, maybe a batch of baklava is in my future? Otherwise, we have high hopes that the local honey will help out a bit with allergies.”


Eric W

Tarrant, TX

"We picked up some Round Rock Honey at the Keller Farmers Market (yelp.com/biz/keller-farm…). It's pretty good as far as local honey goes and way better than ANY non-local option that you might be tempted to buy at the grocery store… Another nice thing about the Round Rock Honey is that you can save more money by buying the larger sizes.”



Austin, TX

"This is great honey! Local honey that is unprocessed and they don't use miticides or antibiotics on their bees. You can taste the difference! You need to be really careful when buying honey from the grocery store. Most of it is not local and in fact is blended from many different countries using high pressure, high heat and medicines that can be stored in honey. Many third world countries like China have very few controls or no controls as to what can be placed in a hive. It pays to pay attention to where you buy your honey and you can really taste the difference in this honey."


Ashley B

Austin, TX

The best local honey I've ever had! Why would you ever buy nationwide honey when you can have delicious Round Rock Honey? My favorite things about Round Rock Honey are as follows:

  • Home delivery.
  • The 2 lb jar has a nice little pouring top.
  • The very large bottles are made out of glass, so you can reuse them.
  • Delicious rich flavor and texture.
  • Easy to get! (On their website, at the Farmer's Market, People's Pharmacy, and elsewhere)
  • Helps a boatload with local allergies.

Amy S

Hutto, TX

"This is just the greatest company! I visited their warehouse on Jan 7 and had the best experience. The employees were great, gave us a little tour, and took the time to answer all mine and my mom's questions. I will definitely be buying my honey from Round Rock Honey from now on. And if you live in the area they offer free delivery! Can't beat that!"


Craftie C

Dallas, TX

"I love this stuff!!! Best thing is that I can buy it by the gallon (for cheap) off their website and they deliver it straight to my front door! How FAB is that??? Best thing EVER I tell ya!!!! And yeah, I meant gallon- it lasts 4-6 months in my house with just me and my hubby. You'll love it if you try it."


Gary W

Kyle, TX

OK so I give r.r. honey four stars with the idea that there is always room for improvement. Having said this I will also say that the honey I tasted at a recent class given by Konrad was very tasty and I felt that I was truely in pooh heaven! The honey is pricey but then again I believe that most quality products are more expensive and this product is worth the cost. I plan on attending future classes and of course consuming more r.r. honey. Thank you Konrad, Elizabeth and all involved for your services and endeavours, they are truely worth all the stings and hard work! I am in the process of starting my on hives and will surely be contacting you guys for advice and or encouragement.


Jennifer G,

Round Rock, TX

Our family has been getting Round Rock honey for three years now and it is the only honey we will use. The kids love it on their toast with peanut butter and bananas. Me and hubby like it to sweeten up our tea. We enjoy seeing Round Rock Honey at our local Round Rock and Cedar Park Farmer Markets on Saturday mornings. We have also seen Round Rock Honey sold at Sprouts on the corner or IH35 and 620. Round Rock Honey was also participants in the Texas Wine and Food Festival this Spring in Austin, TX. Thank you Round Rock Honey for having such a reasonable price! See you at the Farmers Markets! Go Local!


Sarah J

Austin, TX

I eat a lot of honey, and always from within Texas, but I honestly never really thought about the nuances of different honeys, UNTIL NOW! Tonight I opened my first bottle of Round Rock honey and tasted it straight on the spoon before I added it to my chamomile tea. It is rich, with so much body, and has a fantastic flavor. I don't care that it's more expensive....I'm buying only Round Rock honey from now on. I've never tasted that robust flavor in a honey before!