Warehouse and Bottling Room Assistant

The scope of work done here at Round Rock Honey changes from day to day but we have regular bottling requirements each week . Coming to work for Round Rock Honey means you'll be joining a small family of worker bees that work very hard but can fun doing it . When performing this job expect to get very sticky, speaking literally. You'll routinely have sticky feet and hands at the end of every day. Also at our warehouse you'll often be surrounded by honeybees, most of which are friendly but you'll have to leave that fear at the door when working here. You must be able to easily lift 50 pounds as honey is a very heavy substance. If you enjoy the warehouse work but want to do even more, you might also be invited to assist with our beekeeping operations during the year.

Below is a small list of common tasks and duties associated with this position;

Folding/taping boxes, preparing shipments, working different stations on our bottling line, organizing and restocking supplies, stocking cases of honey, cleaning line and warehouse areas, setting up for group events and tours, assisting with honey blending, wrapping and storing pallet goods.

Preferred but not required: Master Beekeeper, Forklift DL, OSHA, Food Handling certification

1308 Chisholm Tr., Round Rock, TX, 78681

History of working in a light industrial environment and/or previous assembly line work.



$11-15 per hour (Based on experience)