Konrad's Xmas trees...Quality, Variety, Value

Most tree lots in Texas offer no more than three varieties of Xmas trees, usually from only 1-2 regions of the USA, and those are many times not personally inspected by the lot owners.  At Konrad's Xmas Trees, we work with only the most award-winning growers in five distinct regions (North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan, Quebec, and Virginia), and sell at least five separate varieties of only premium trees.  We also personally inspect every field before the trees are harvested, and every individual tree before selling to customers. We want your Christmas morning to be nothing less than perfect, which is why we put so much effort in months ahead of time. 

Our trees are like diamonds...they grow rough, wild, and beautiful for many years, but are best appreciated after meticulous care and shaping.  We cut back limbs (to be made into wreaths later) and shape the tree so the innate brilliance can shine through throughout the season.

Konrad's Christmas Trees are grown in regions where summer weather is near perfect, with ample rain and highs temps in the upper 70’s and nights in the 50’s.  Our trees are cut down mid-November, no more than 1-2 days before being packed in snow and shipped to Texas on refrigerated trucks, one of which is driven every year by Konrad himself who holds a Class A Commercial Driver's License.  This whole process takes place weeks after other lots have already cut and shipped their trees, so that the trees arrive as fresh as possible.  Each day that the trees are enroute to Texas they are sprayed down with a cool mist  to prevent the trees from drying out.  This way, when the truck doors are opened in Texas, the only thing more overwhelming than the brilliant green look of the trees is the fresh smell of Christmas! 

Once we get our trees unloaded inside the giant tent at our tree lot (Georgetown Wolf Ranch), our trees are either immediately put up for display or stored in a warm water bath that will keep them fresh and fragrant until they reach your home. Did you know that watering trees with warm water is always better than using cool water?  It allows the tree to take up and store the water more efficiently, which leads to better needle retention.  Most tree lots and retail stores never water their trees at all, and their customers end up with trees that lose their needles within a few days.    

The day you buy your tree, we shake out the tree and cut a one inch slice of wood off the bottom. We then wrap the tree in netting and will load your car.