How do I care for my tree?

-When you get the tree home, put it up immediately.

-Real trees need to be watered regularly. Use warm water for best results.

-Never place lighted candles on or near tree.

-Place tree away from direct sunlight and fireplaces, and turn lights off when not in use. Real Christmas trees can dehydrate quickly!

What do I do with my tree once Xmas is over?

-The cities of Round Rock, Georgetown, Austin, and Cedar Park offer free tree recycling programs.  Simply drop the trees off at any one of the advertised recycling center locations, and they will shred the trees, using the wood in mulch at area parks.

Where do I pick up my tree?

-Wolf Ranch Town Center in Georgetown. Starting November 19th. 9am-9pm everyday until we are sold out. 

Do you offer home delivery and tree setup? 

Yes we do!  Our pricing is dependent on distance travelled and size of tree.