Round Rock Honey Company

Pol Line 2.2 Queen Bee

Round Rock Honey has one of the most successful nucleus hive programs in Texas, with a well-documented annual success rate of 97.8% over the last seven years.  This rate is phenomenal compared to other producers whose rates are estimated to be, at best,  no greater than 80%.  The key reason for this is the use of Pol-line 2.2 queen bees.  
Many of our customers have requested VSH Pol-line 2.2 queens, so we are now making them are our newest product offering. These are the same bees used in Round Rock Honey production hives.  The success of the Pol-line 2.2 queens started seven years ago with a selection criteria centered on mite-resistance, production, temprement, build-up and longevity. Breeding candidates were deemed worthy when they built up strongly, produced high honey yields and had low mite infestations. The Pol-line breeding program is ongoing as certified breeders all continue to select and improve this mite resistant, very high performing honey bee stock.  
*These Queens are available from early April through mid-June only.  
*We do not ship queens, customer pick-up at the Round Rock Honey office in Round Rock, TX on Thursdays only. ORDER MUST BE PLACED BY MONDAY AT 12PM FOR SAME WEEK PICKUP.  
*Queens must be kept cool and dry, and put into hives immediately to ensure best results.

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