Konrad's Christmas Trees

Fraser Fir Wreath


These beautifully crafted wreaths contain between 7-8 pounds of the finest Carolina greenery. All wreaths are soaked in a food-grade clear foliage wax that softens needles and strengthens needle retention, and acts as an anti-transpirant, holding in moisture and keeping the wreath green and fresh for a longer period of time. The beautiful scent, color and texture of Fraser Fir ensures that your wreath is superior to all others in aroma, texture, and longevity. We are sure you will be delighted with the difference! Custom sized wreaths larger than 26" (up to 6' across) available upon request.

Available to pick up in person at one of our two locations. Wolf Ranch shopping center parking lot in Georgetown or the Round Rock Premium Outlet parking lot. Pick up starts November 19th.

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