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A big thank you for the concern shown from those of you who wrote or called in concerning our hives in the Rowlett area, near Dallas. Our hives appear to have been untouched because of the excellent bamboo windbreaks the landowner planted 11 years ago. This is not the first time bamboo windbreaks have thwarted high winds from tornadoes near our hives. Here's a little insight into why bamboo works so much better than other types of windbreaks: Bambusa ventricosa, a species of bamboo suitable for windbreaks, works well because it is well branched from the ground to the top. The long slender culms (stems) and the dense, repetitive leafing pattern disperse wind energy more effectively than trees. The bend of the cane is more like that of grass - very flexible. A row of bamboo is very elastic and can absorb wind bursts in excess of 120mph. It also helps that when bamboo breaks, it splits without immediately separating. This prevents catastrophic failure within single plants as well as rows of plants. In addition to its elasticity, the tensile strength of bamboo is excellent. It suffers permanent distortion at about 142 MPa with a breaking point at 265MPa. Structural steel deforms at about 250MPa, and breaks at 400MPa. It starts to become woody when it reaches maximum height. Some 6 to 8 years at maturity, its outer surface gains silica which makes it very hard. The inside is softer than the outside which is more stable than typical wood which is softer on the outside than the inside. Bamboo is very elastic which makes it a good building material in earthquake zones. In Asia, bamboo is used for scaffolding - even for high rise buildings. When bamboo breaks, it splits without immediately separating. This prevents catastrophic failure. Bamboo forests are very good carbon sinks at a rate up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare. Thomas Edison used carbonized bamboo as a filament the first light bulb. Bamboo provided Alexander Graham Bell with a phonograph needle. There are more than 5000 documented uses for bamboo. Termites will not eat bamboo. Bamboo Forest After the 1945 Hiroshima nuclear devastation, bamboo was the first regrowth. Bamboo grows at sea level, and up to 3.7Km elevation. It expires 35% more oxygen than an equivalent group of trees. Harvesting bamboo does not kill it and a crop can be harvested every three to five years. Bamboo's root system is like a net and hold soil together so it prevents erosion. Bamboo has a tensile strength of 28000lbs/sq in, which is greater than steel.

Round Rock Honey will only be at the Downtown Austin (9-1) and Lone Star (10-2) farmer's markets in the Austin area this weekend. Bring family and friends out to the market to show off what Central Texas has to offer. Try some sweet honey while you're at it! 422 Guadalupe St Austin, TX 78701 12611 Shops Parkway, Shops at the Galleria, Bee Cave, TX 78738

We will be at our store in Round Rock from 10-2 tomorrow for those last-minute shoppers and the final day of our bee suit sale. Buy a bee suit and gloves for only $50. Stock up on honey, scrubs, lip balm, candles, soap, and more. 1308 Chisholm Trail #106 Round Rock, Texas 78681

If you've taken the Round Rock Honey BK class or tour and want to know more about beekeeping, consider this - the 5th Annual Austin Beekeeping Seminar put on by the Austin Area Beekeepers Association! The daylong seminar this year is scheduled for Jan. 16th and is at the beautiful J.J. Pickle Research Campus in Austin. We have an excellent array of presenters from all over Texas. In addition we have a separate track specifically for new beekeepers! If you would like to register please go to The registration fee is $50 and much of the proceeds will go to the Texas bee lab to help support research to advance sustainable beekeeping practices. If you have any questions please email me at I hope to see everyone there!

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"Repost from @foodandfrenchies delicious Honey Butter Glazed Carrot Recipe 🥕✨ * "Sous vide honey butter glazed carrots are one of my favorite things to make with my @anovaculinary circulator (and everyone always forgets you can make perfect veggies!)" * * 1 lb baby rainbow carrots, 3 tablespoons salted butter 1 tablespoon Round Rock Honey and salt and pepper into the bag. Cook at 183 for an hour. Dump everything in the bag into a large pan and cook over medium-high heat until all of the liquid reduces into a glaze!"

What to enter the world of beekeeping? We offer comprehensive, yet easily understandable, introduction to beekeeping courses in Round Rock, Rowlett, and Porter, Texas as well as Los Altos, California. Learn all about the honey production process and gain a real-world hands-on experience at one of our own apiaries. Visit the link in our bio for more info on dates! 📸 @kpow

Did you know that honey is absorbed immediately upon eating and for this reason is considered an excellent quick source of energy and digestive aid? #honeyoneverything

@fixesouthernhouse is serving up their Round Rock Honey Badger again, this time with Fixe’s own blend of Old Forrester Bourbon and Round Rock Reserve Bourbon Barrel Honey. A portion of each cocktail sold will be donated to the Farmer Emergency Fund helping local Texas farmers affected by the recent freezes. Stop by now until the end of January to give some local love ✨

@uchiaustin special Uzura Hachimitsu dish is a Lockhart quail with celery root and caramelized Round Rock Bourbon Honey. They are one of several restaurants that partnered with us and @texasfarmersmarket to help raise funds for local farmers affected by the recent and unexpected freezes. Now until the end of January, a portion of each dish sold will be donated to the Farmer Emergency Fund. Stop by and support your local farmers.

✨ Bees are some of the original engineers. The hexagonal shapes of a honeycomb are more than just a pretty pattern. Bees have engineered one of the most efficient and effective forms of packing. Today honeycomb structures have numerous engineering and scientific applications, including in the aerospace industry. Thanks, bees! 📷 @terrah_byte

Another gorgeous dish from another one of our restaurant partners, @searsucker ! They created a delicious Chicken Lolli dish with our Reserve Bourbon Honey and will be donating $3 from every plate sold to the @texasfarmersmarket Farmer Emergency Fund. Stop in for this delicious bite and support your local farmers.

Several Austin restaurants have joined us in our efforts to help area farmers affected by the recent freezes. They'll be creating special dishes and cocktails with our Bourbon Barrel Honey and a portion of sales will be donated to the @texasfarmersmarket Farmer Emergency Fund. Pictured here is @uchikoaustin 's Sake Toddy - the perfect drink to help you stay warm. Visit the link in our bio for more info.