As we continue to monitor the health and safety requirements in dealing with COVID-19, we'll continue to provide guidance and clarity for our customers, on both current and future operational and social commitments that we've made. Round Rock Honey has resumed beekeeping classes, for both Round Rock and Dallas, but they will be restricted to 10 students at this time. Regarding the Honey House Tours, they are still postponed until further notice. However Round Rock Honey is still very much open for business and we'll continue to perform all beekeeping and bottling operations as necessary.

A quick note to ticket holders, if you have already purchased through us or through Groupon, will NEVER expire and will continue to be honored once we resume events. If you have any questions regarding your existing or future reservation, feel free to give us a call at: 512-828-5416

 In our 3 hour course (on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays), you'll learn many beekeeping basics such as identifying different types of bees, monitoring hive health, safety practices, and of course honey production. We provide students with the general knowledge that all beekeepers need to succeed for starting their first hive. We start with a short informative lecture, then we all suit up with one of our full beekeeping suits, and then we open up and explore inside of an active hive. Our course will give you real-world hands-on experience at one of our own apiaries. Our instructors, many of whom are Master Beekeepers, all have significant beekeeping backgrounds and will ensure that every student leaves our class with the most rewarding experience possible.

Notice: Round Rock Honey has discontinued class support for the Porter, TX, and Alameda, CA, locations. However our instructors will continue teaching beekeeping classes and your previously purchased Groupon will still be accepted for class. Please call 512-828-5416 to schedule for one of those locations.

Did you purchase a Groupon? It will NEVER expire with us. Why you ask? Because the bees need a break too and also our Texas weather doesn't always play please be flexible with our schedule changes as this class is an outdoor event with live bees. If you have a Groupon, select your location, choose a date from our calendar, and enter your info/voucher number, and you're registered!

Groupon not working? Just send us the voucher number (8 or 10 digit number), to:


Bee Removal

The following links provided are for public service only and does not constitute an endorsement of anyone. Round Rock Honey does not have information regarding a beekeeper’s insurance, qualifications, or proper training that is required to remove honey bees. Please refer to the Texas Apiary Inspection Service to view a list of registered beekeepers. If you have any questions about honey bee removals please contact the Texas Apiary Inspection Service at 979-845-9713 or

Texas Apiary Inspection Service, Registered Beekeepers/Bee Removal Contacts

Bee Swarm Information

Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association's Bee Removal Page