For weather related reasons we only offer a few select class dates this time of year which are still subject to cancellation. This is done for both your overall enjoyment in addition to the overall health of the bees. Please keep in mind that your ticket or Groupon will NEVER expire with us, ever!

What to expect; The Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Course is an introduction to bees, beekeeping, and honey production. We provide students with the general knowledge that all beekeepers need to succeed. In addition, we provide the opportunity to suit up, and gain a real-world hands-on experience at one of our own apiaries. Our instructors all have significant beekeeping backgrounds and will ensure that every student leaves our class with the most rewarding learning experience possible. Classes are usually held on the weekend and are approximately 2.5 hours long. Have a voucher? Click here for info on how to redeem.

Spring 2019 beekeeping class dates coming soon!


(most locations temporarily closed for the winter)

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