The Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Course is an introduction to all things bees. In our 3 hour course you'll learn many beekeeping basics such as identifying different types of bees, monitoring hive health, safety practices, and of course honey production. We provide students with the general knowledge that all beekeepers need to succeed for starting their first hive. We start with a short informative lecture, then we all suit up with one of our full beekeeping suits, and then we open up and explore inside of an active hive. Our course will give you real-world hands-on experience at one of our own apiaries. Our instructors, many of whom are Master Beekeepers, all have significant beekeeping backgrounds and will ensure that every student leaves our class with the most rewarding experience possible. Our classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays and last around 2.5-3 hours(class size determines time). While there is no best time to attend a beekeeping class but they are most informative when taken in the early spring through late fall. Attending a class during those months is ideal for new beekeepers to see the seasonal bee activities in addition it avoids the potentially harmful weather that the bees do not appreciate. And it's also a more comfortable experience for you, the beekeeper. More info can be found our FAQ above..

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