Sarah S. | Austin, TX

"You know, I'm really not a fan of honey. Whenever I get a sore throat from a cold, I hear my mothers voice in my head saying 'Your throat would feel better if you put honey in your tea instead of sugar'. And then, I'll gag and choke it down, in the hopes of a soothed throat.

But this week, my sister has been suffering terribly from allergies. And I saw her chiseling away at something in the kitchen the other night. Turns out she was attempting to get the crystallized honey out of an old honey jar she found in the cabinet, desperate for relief. Now this honey was ancient! I bought it at least 4 years ago from a grocery store in Connecticut. It was definitely time for something fresh and local! Now what surprised me most about Round Rock Honey was that they deliver it to you if you are local enough. And I mean deliver it by hand, not by mail! Kinda cool! The flavor is pretty good for honey, maybe a batch of baklava is in my future? Otherwise, we have high hopes that the local honey will help out a bit with allergies.”