Round Rock Honey

Reserve Bourbon Barrel Honey (1lb)


We had a question here at Round Rock Honey. What happens when you take our already amazing Round Rock wildflower honey and let it slow-age in an charred oak barrel that previously held blue-corn whiskey? You get an amazing raw Texas honey with a smooth and subtle whiskey undertone. You'll taste the best honey ever that now has a light and smokey charred oak finish.

So how do we do it? Well what we can tell you is we start by sourcing high-quality oak barrels from a local award-winning distillery here in Central Texas. Once their blue-corn whiskey is juuuust right, they empty their whiskey and send 'em our way. We quickly start by sealing up the exterior of each barrel with a pure beeswax coating, which prevents honey leakage and also stops any atmospheric penetration.  With the melted wax set we immediately fill each barrel by hand with our Texas bee-crafted wild-flower honey that's been lightly warmed to 99 degrees F to allow for oak absorption and better viscosity. Then we wait...and wait...and after many months and many many barrel rotations later, it's finally ready to bottle. With the honey matured and our sweet and fragrant floral notes from the honey has melded together with the whiskey ether and charred oak aromas, it forms the most remarkably smooth and sophisticated honey you've ever had. Enjoy neat or on the rocks (the Round Rock). 

*Note: Raw honey will crystallize over time. Honey can be used in its solid form or re-liquefied in a warm water bath. Do not feed to children under 1 year of age. Bulk options available in dropdown menu.*

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