Round Rock Honey

Pre-Order 5-Frame Nucleus Hive


  Must be able to pick up in person in Round Rock, Texas. Pick up will only be available on the mornings of the last week of April-first week of May (Dates will be posted early 2023).



A nucleus hive is a young colony of gentle bees removed from an existing productive hive. Inside the nuc you will receiving a family of bees as they are typically related. The term "Nuc" is derived from the fact that it is a hive that is centered and created around a single queen, the nucleus of the colony. The queen has been accepted by the worker bees and she's already laying brood in the frames of the nuc.


Each nuc contains 5 "deep" Langstroth frames(4 of which are brood and 1 frame is honey), workers bees and 1 laying queen* all encased in a temporary but sturdy Jester’s EZ nuc box for transport. This is a small working colony ready to grow, develop rapidly, and easily transfer into a standard deep Langstroth hive.

You are allowed to inspect each nuc at pick-up and please bring your own bee suit as many bees will be flying around.

*Queens are not marked. Breed: VSH Pol-line 2.2 

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