Round Rock Honey

***GREAT GIFT PACK*** Flavorful Four (4-1lb bottles)

$60 $70

Enjoy the fiery zest of Miel Picante, the fresh citrus flavor of our Orange Cinnamon Honey, the classic sweetness of our Wildflower Honey, and the smokey sophistication of our Bourbon Barrel Honey. Bring life to your recipes with these unique flavors!


Bundle includes:

1 - 1lb Wildflower Honey

1 - 1lb Orange Cinnamon Honey

1 - 1lb Bourbon Barrel Honey

1 - 1lb Miel Picante (Hot Honey)

*Note: Raw honey will crystallize over time. Honey can be used in its solid form or re-liquefied in a warm water bath. Do not feed to children under 1 year of age.

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