Round Rock Honey Company

Goodbee's Honey (1lb)


Round Rock Goodbee's Honey, Raw & Unfiltered 16 oz. At Goodbee's, you can trust that there's only one ingredient that makes it into our bottles: 100% raw honey, just as the bees intended. We bottle nature's sweet nectar from only the best beekeepers in the world. Never filtered, never mass produced, Goodbee's is a small batch honey with a distinctive flavor that will remind you of a simpler time, when quality was never compromised. That which the bees give us, we give you. When we say 100% honey, we mean it!

*Sourced in Mexico


*Note: Raw honey will crystallize over time. Honey can be used in its solid form or re-liquefied in a warm water bath. Do not feed to children under 1 year of age. 

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