Round Rock Honey Company

Honey Salve


Our Honey Salve is healing to burns, cuts, scrapes, or other skin ailments. It contains olive and coconut oils infused with calendula and lavender, beeswax, Round Rock Honey, and essential oils.

Raw honey is hydrating, moisturizing, antibacterial, and full of antioxidants. It is known to reducing scarring, blemishes, wrinkles, and soothe burns or skin irritations.

Calendula is a flower that is extremely useful in treating slow-healing cuts and minimizing scarring. It is a powerful vulnerary, healing wounds by promoting cell repair and growth. 

Lavender has profound relaxing, calming, and uplifting effects. It helps alleviate headaches, stress, tension, and insomnia. 

*Results may vary. 2 oz. tin * 

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